CALYPSO INSTRUMENTS USA INC, the birth of a new venture

Last June Calypso Instruments USA, INC was incorporated in Miami, Florida to better serve our both current and prospect customers across the Americas.

  • As of September the 1st we are starting to ship to all American countries from our new warehouse in Miami;  shipping from the US represents a relevant improvement in terms of supply chain, eliminating tariffs and customs paperwork.

  • Both an American Paypal and US bank accounts are already in operation to ease financial operations and to eliminate international fees to our american partners and customers

  • A new price list in US dollars is being released. This will prevent American customers from exchange rate fluctuations.

  • The website has been revamped so American users can buy in US dollars through  our new US bank and US paypal accounts.

  • A new ERP system has been implemented to manage all the business insights of the new US operation: warehousing, invoicing, reporting, etc...

  • Four new american phone lines are now available to serve our american customers and partners  (ECT zone).

We plan to start sourcing materials domestically too and hope for our new US operation to grow and progressively become as independent as possible from the European HQ.

This is a very emotional project for many of us here at Calypso Instruments and a significant commitment to the American market.

Please take note our new address in the US for all american business:


Gables International Plaza

2655 S. Le Jeune Road, Ste#905

Coral Gables, Florida 33134

+1 786 321 4334

+1 786 321 4793

Although this change will not affect European and stakeholders from the rest of the world we know they will all share our joy as we move forward taking this big step.

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