Mount your Ultra Low Power wind meter in one of our existing poles with this new accesory!

Accessories have always been very helpful when mounting wind meters into different supports. Our range of accessories was designed to fit the Ultrasonic Wired Range and Ultrasonic Portable wind meters ; however with the launch of our Ultra Low Power wind sensor, which has an improve shape, we understood the need of designing a new accessory to fit this product also on our existing accessories.

As a result, we have designed a plate plus a screw which perfectly fits into our aluminum or carbon fiber poles. The way of assembling this new mounting system is the following: 

1. Introduce the black plate around the thread.

2. Insert the screw into the thread without applying pressure.

The plate has a “north mark” that must be aligned in order to face the ultrasonic towards the north. Once we have everything aligned we will tight the nut.

3. Introduce the cable along the pole (IMPORTANT: Pass the cable once the nut has been screwed).

4. Insert the Metric 4 screws so that the Ultra Low Power wind meter  is attached to the POLE.

Once you have the whole system mounted you only have to choose the location where you want to place the pole.

Watch video here:


Calypso Ultrasonic Portable wind meter at J70 Tuning Regatta